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Doing Your Test Stream

Going live for the first time


The purpose of this article is to provide direction on doing your first test livestream on your test page on your store.

Intended Audience:

Marketing/Content Manager/Producer

When you first install the app, you will notice that a new taste page called "Test your Setup" is created in your Shopify "pages" tab. The page itself is empty, but our streaming widget is currently embedded there and will show up once you go live.
Note: make sure to apply your widget branding before proceeding the following steps._

Go ahead and open up your scheduled test stream in the LyveCom dashboard.

Make sure you have your Shopify product catalog synced with the LyveCom dashboard.

Go ahead and add a few products from your product catalog to the test event.

There are four ways you can stream using the "How will you be streaming" dropdown
Larix Streaming app (recommended)
Using your regular Mac camera
Uploading a pre-recorded video

Once you go live, go back to the test page that was created to check out your streaming widget and test your checkout.

Updated on: 26/10/2022

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