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Connecting Larix or Broadcasting Software

Connecting Larix or External Broadcasting Software to Stream With LyveCom


The purpose of this article is to connect streaming software to the LyveCom dashboard (approx. 2 mins)


Producer/OnBoarding Specialist

Download the Larix Broadcaster app from the iOS App Store.
We also support most commonly used streaming software like OBS, etc.

Open up the Larix App and hit the gear icon to access your settings.

Hit the video settings tab and do the following:
Set your Orientation to "Portrait"
Set your Resolution to "1920 x 1080"
Toggle "Bitrate matches resolution" to on

Before you start streaming, make sure to add your dashboard RTMP link from your settings into Larix.

Access your dashboard settings and copy the rtmps://... link. Send it to the device where Larix is installed (or any other streaming software)

Open up your Larix app, hit the gear icon to access your settings, and hit "Connections"

Hit the "+" button on the top right corner of connections.

Type in your stream name in the "Connection name"
Copy and paste your rtmps link into the URL
Hit "Save" and you will see your Connection link generated and a blue checkmark next to it indicating the connection is all set.

This RTMP link is tied to your account dashboard. Whenever a new campaign is scheduled, you can use the same link to initiate the stream.

Once you're ready to start your stream - head over to your event in your dashboard, and select Larix as a streaming source. Hit “Start Preview”, and open up your Larix app and hit the camera button. The preview will take around 10 seconds to generate on your dashboard, proceed to hit “go live”, to launch your stream!

To end your stream you can simply close out the app, or toggle the camera button again.

⚡Happy Streaming!

Updated on: 19/05/2023

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