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How to go live with OBS

How to go live with OBS


The purpose of this article is to be able to stream with LyveCom using OBS Streaming Software

Intended Audience:

Marketing Manager/Livestream Host

Before going live, we're going to adjust a few settings in OBS to optimize for a portrait stream

Navigate to your video settings to set your orientation/FPS
Base Resolution: 1080 x 1920
Output Resolution: 1080 x 1920
Common FPS Value: 30

Navigate over to your output settings and set:
Video Bitrate: 3000 (Kbps)
Encoder: H.264

Make sure to hit "Apply" to apply your settings. Proceed to setup your stream with your Scenes/Stream sources as you normally would. You would see that your OBS preview window is now in portrait.

Navigate to your "Stream" output in your OBS settings to link LyveCom with OBS

From the "Services" dropdown select "MUX"

For your Server select: GLOBAL (RTMPS)

Navigate over to your LyveCom dashboard settings and grab your RTMPS global link

Your stream key for OBS is the ending string of numbers and letters following "/app/"

Updated on: 09/06/2023

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