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Event promotion guide

Boosting traffic pre-event

- Leverage your website organic traffic
- Engage your community with Email/Text messages
- Creating social media buzz (Instagram/Facebook)

Leverage stories with a swipe-up CTA to your RSVP link. Use an event countdown for your live event. During the event offer your exclusive deal and state that you're live!

Feed post
Link in bio to RSVP
Going live on your Instagram account 5 minutes prior to your website stream and prompting your customers that you're running a live stream shopping event on your website/giveaway

##Engaging post-event
Create an influencer owned landing page and reuse your lives videos for content. Example
Repost your lives to IGTV mentioned the giveaway/prizes
Repost screenshots of comments from the lives on stories as social proof and UGC

Updated on: 08/11/2022

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