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How to Use Shoppable Videos in Your Klaviyo Email Campaigns

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This guide is designed to assist Email Marketers and Marketing Managers in leveraging the power of Shoppable Videos within their Klaviyo email campaigns, from cart abandonment flows, to education, and post purchase unboxing flows.

Intended Audience:

Email Marketers, Marketing Managers.

Before you start, ensure your content is already embedded on site wether a product page, landing page with an offer, etc.

Setting Up Shoppable Videos in Klaviyo:

Log into your Klaviyo account and select the campaign where you wish to incorporate a Shoppable Video.
Navigate to the email template editor within your selected campaign.

Integrating Shoppable Videos requires HTML support in your email template. Ensure your Klaviyo template is HTML-friendly.

Select a Text Block and drag it where you would like to place your .gif preview for the shoppable video within the template.
Open up the HTML editor for the text block

In order to embed the .gif preview within your email, ensure your video is already embedded somewhere on the website or separate landing page.

Open the video on desktop that you'd like to embed and link to once the user clicks the .gif preview within the email body
Hit the "share" button on the video campaign
Select the email option
Select the email provider you'd like to embed into
Copy the embed script to your clipboard

You can also use the direct link and attach it to a CTA to direct the user directly into the shoppable video experience

Embedding your .gif into your email template

Paste your copied embed script directly into the HTML box of the text block
Hit "Save" and "Preview" and watch the .gif render directly within the email template.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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