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Getting started with 1:1 video shopping

Getting started with 1:1 Video Shopping


The purpose of this article is to provide direction on getting started with 1:1 Video Shopping Widget

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CX Manager, Ecommerce Manager

Before getting started with embedding your widget, brand your widget in your dashboard settings

Upload your brand logo
Set your store timezone
Set your appearance
Upload your banner, and set your store hours of availability

Once you've completed this steps, you're ready to embed your booking widget onto your store.

Copy your embed code to your clipboard, and head over to your Shopify Amin theme settings.

Navigate over to your theme.liquid file within your Shopify theme settings.

Scroll down your theme file until you see the </body> tag at the bottom

Paste your code snippet right above the closing </body> tag. Hit SAVE

Once you navigate back to your website, you will see the 1:1 sticky booking widget on the right hand side of your screen

Updated on: 10/03/2023

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